Project Management

Experienced Team to Keep Your Project on Track

Engaged technical project managers keep your project on track and enable an integrated solution.

Predictable Outcomes

Our project managers create predictable processes that keep technology off the critical path during construction and enable technology decisions to be made on a pull schedule. BCL’s project managers proactively orchestrate collaboration between stakeholders to ensure that projects remain on schedule and on budget with minimum risk. During design and construction phases, our project management team oversees vendor management and procurement, move coordination, and commissioning. We also provide an on-site liaison to the owner’s team.

On-Site Project Managers

Larger, complex projects sometimes require full-time on-site representation to ensure everything happens when it needs to. An on-site project manager acts as the liaison between the construction and design teams and the owner. Whether it’s establishing and tracking the budget, preparing presentations to executive leadership, or interfacing with a client’s project management organization, we can help.

Move Coordination

The move coordination process begins with a survey and map of existing equipment and connectivity, followed by the development of a risk-mitigation plan, and then a detailed move plan and the hiring of a move team. Most moves begin with the implementation of a network at the new site, then the migration of servers, followed by desktops, phones, and printers. Whether phased or happening over a single 24-hour period, we make moving simple and easy for environments the size of data centers, small server rooms, or entire offices.

Planning for Future

Experienced Team to Keep Your Project on Track