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Caitlin Brudnicki


Project management lead

Caitlin Brudnicki is a seasoned professional with a profound footprint in the technology design industry, commencing her journey in 2016. An alumna of Miami University, where she graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education, Caitlin’s trajectory took a unique turn as she embarked on a path to become a designer and project manager.

Notably, Caitlin’s dedication and commitment to excellence in technology design have been underscored by her pursuit of professional certifications. She proudly holds a BICSI Designing Telecommunications Systems Certificate, a testament to her in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field. Furthermore, her credentials include the coveted title of an Axis Certified Professional, solidifying her proficiency in cutting-edge technologies.

Caitlin’s current role embodies her multifaceted expertise, where she serves as a design consultant and project manager for a multitude of projects. Her ability to seamlessly integrate design concepts with efficient project management has earned her a reputation as a visionary professional in the technology design realm.

Caitlin Brudnicki’s journey, from an Early Childhood Education graduate to a highly skilled technology design consultant, is a testament to her adaptability, determination, and unwavering commitment to professional growth. Her work continues to shape the landscape of technology design, setting new standards for innovation and excellence.