From design-build to the installation of a previously designed system, trust BCL to ensure your technology infrastructure is done right.

Before any successful technology infrastructure is designed, there must be a strategy.

Whether you are designing a brand new building and need the technology infrastructure to support day-to-day functions or you are planning a remodel of an existing building and want to update the technology, every project begins with strategy.

How does the strategy work? Typically, we’ll start with an audit to assess the client’s needs, what’s working and what’s not working, and any existing technology they want to incorporate or replace. Then, depending on what the client is looking for, we can move straight into design for their new space or create a long-term plan that accounts for how the technology might change over time.

Can an audit or technology strategy help me be more strategic in updating my technology?

Yes! Many clients know that they need to make improvements over time but aren’t able to identify what’s most urgent. If you put off technology updates for too long, the size of your needs grow over time until a massive overhaul is required. Additionally, while the devices—such as tvs, audiovisual systems and secuirty—in your building often get most of the attention (and sometimes the blame), the behind-the-scenes technology including the cable infrastructure and supporting systems also need semi-regular updates and attention.

Our team works with you and your team to create a plan that keeps the technology in your building running optimally within the standards of your budget.

Why BCL?

30 Years of Experience

At this point, we’ve designed a thing or two. And we’ve witnessed how technology changes. Our designs ensure your building will be adaptable for many years to come.

Small team of experts

When you work with BCL, you work directly with one of our experts, not a newbie. Our project managers are directly involved in design and oversee your project each step of the way.

Credentialed specialists

Although we are small, we’ve made a concerted effort to have staff in all the relevant specialties. You will find on our team staff with the following credentials: RCDD, RTPM, DCDC, ESS, CT, CTS, BICSI TECH, NCCR PM, AXIX Certified Professional. 


BCL Enterprise is Ohio DAS EDGE Certified, WBE Certified, MBE Certified, and DBE Certified and provides the highest level of professional Technology Infrastructure Design.

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Strategy services include:

  • Cable infrastructure
  • Audiovisual
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Physical security / Access controls / Alarms
  • Surveillance systems plus cameras
  • VOIP
  • Immersive environments
  • Network
  • Distributed antenna systems (Emergency + cellular)

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