BCL Enterprise has been providing a range of technology and security design services to Ohio and surrounding states for 30 years.

Chris munafo


Chief Operating Officer

Chris is a seasoned industry professional with a career that spans over a decade, marked by continuous growth and unwavering commitment to excellence. His journey commenced in 2009 within the heart of operations, the warehouse, where he orchestrated the ordering and staging of materials, ensuring meticulous readiness for installations.

As his career evolved, Chris transitioned into fieldwork, overseeing installations and managing on-site crews. In 2014, he embarked on a new chapter as a project manager, where his commitment to precision and efficiency remained steadfast.

At BCL, Chris plays a pivotal role, as he now holds the responsibility of overseeing all project managers on the design and installation side. His primary objective is to ensure that projects remain on track, meticulously aligning with budget constraints, timelines, and exceeding customer satisfaction.

Chris’s credentials further validate his expertise. As an NCCER Project Manager, Honeywell Niagara N4 Certified professional, Cisco CCNA expert, Honeywell ProWatch Certified Installer, and Verkada Certified Engineer, he stands out as a multifaceted professional with deep knowledge and proficiency in diverse facets of the industry.

Educationally, Chris graduated from Little Miami High School and subsequently pursued Business Administration studies at the University of Indianapolis and Sinclair Community College, further enriching his knowledge base.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Chris’s personal life is equally vibrant. He relishes spending time with his family, including his wife, Ashley, daughter Chloe, and son Conner. His love for baseball is apparent, as he dedicates his free time to coaching high school and select baseball teams, sharing his passion for the sport while nurturing young talents.

Chris’s journey exemplifies a harmonious balance between professional excellence and personal fulfillment. His commitment to teamwork, whether on the field or in project management, underscores his dedication to teaching, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence.