Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering to Meet Your Project Needs

We collaborate with design teams to create and document innovative integrated technology systems.


Our telecom expertise includes inside-plant and outside-plant structured cabling systems (fiber and copper), pathway systems, and IT spaces like MDFs, IDFs, server rooms, labs, and data centers. Our licensed professional electrical engineers design cable and pathway systems and spaces that are functional, constructible, and cost-effective.


Audiovisual technologies are critical, whether for enabling local, mobile, or global collaborations, for conveying ideas, or for entertaining. We delight in creating audiovisual presentation solutions that turn themselves on when they’re needed and off when they’re not, saving energy and maintenance costs. We create high-performance solutions that are simple, easy to use, reliable, flexible, and, most importantly, value-driven.


Acoustics has significant effects on the functionality, enjoyment, and overall user experience of any space. TEECOM’s acoustical consulting and engineering services can provide valuable guidance for all stages in a project’s lifecycle. We creatively develop practical solutions that respond to user expectations and needs while considering budget, relevant codes, industry standards, spatial constraints, and technology opportunities.

Access Controls

From access control using biometrics and RFID, to IP-based video surveillance and management, to door hardware coordination and parking controls, our security design and engineering services extend from mission-critical corporate security, to high-performance museums, to some of the world’s toughest detention centers. We deliver security projects that range from simple to highly complex engagements, all of which typically utilize the converged and integrated network.


The network is a crucial technology platform for every modern, integrated, efficient, and social building. Our engineers consider the core network, the distribution network, and the access network (such as wireless and distributed antenna systems). Our robust, thorough, and highly skilled team ensures this most fundamental communication pathway is engineered flawlessly and with the future in mind.


Modern workspaces demand ubiquitous connectivity. Wireless offers untethered connectivity to tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and many other mobile devices. Our wireless team has designed over 15 million square feet of space designed to maximize the user’s experience. We follow the latest trends in device capabilities, understand both Wi-Fi and cellular technology considerations in buildings, and optimize antenna placement for wireless services to deliver the best possible experience.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) work environments demand seamless and reliable support for a multitude of personal devices and a hand-off between the VoIP system and the cellular network. Wireless networks permit users in-office or connected via VPN to enjoy all the features of an enterprise-class desk phone from a smartphone. Our engineers plan, design, implement, and integrate VoIP systems, which play a major role in an integrated technology user experience and liberate workplaces from the traditional fixed desk phone.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) represent the future of software integration with the built environment. As VR/AR technology becomes more affordable, business applications grow exponentially. BCL designs 3D systems that support your enterprise, whether you’re visualizing data sets for seismic science or prototyping next-generation hardware. We partner with research and commercial players across the sector to provide independent insight into what works and what doesn’t for commercial, cultural, industrial, and educational applications.

Immersive Environments

Data defines your organization. But how do you manage it? BCL’s immersive environment design integrates multimedia technology with the built space, placing you at the center of your data. Immersive environments support nearly endless research, learning, and entertainment applications, including crisis simulation, situational training, economic modeling, virtual travel… all powered by secure high-speed networks.

Projection Mapping

What if your entire building was a canvas? With video projection mapping, any real-world surface can become a screen. BCL’s projection mapping expertise includes designing for the application’s precise geometric and photometric requirements, including multichannel projection and interactivity. This advanced display-based user experience adds a wow factor to lobbies, cultural exhibits, and enterprise presentations.

Planning for Future

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