BCL Enterprise has been providing a range of technology and security design services to Ohio and surrounding states for 30 years.

Gryphon Kleman

BIM Drafter

Gryphon is a promising talent in the field of design and drafting, having recently graduated from Miami University. His career has been on a swift upward trajectory, and he currently calls southwest Ohio home.

 Since 2021, Gryphon has been an invaluable member of the BCL team, where his proficiency in Revit and AutoCAD drafting has been consistently lauded. What truly sets Gryphon apart is his unwavering commitment to learning. Every day presents a new opportunity for him to expand his knowledge and refine his skills, making him a dynamic force in the field of design and drafting.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Gryphon has a diverse range of interests. He finds solace in tinkering with electronics, a passion that aligns well with the ever-evolving technology landscape. In his leisure time, he enjoys the company of his dogs, showcasing his affection for our four-legged friends. Additionally, music holds a special place in Gryphon’s heart, and he finds joy in immersing himself in the rhythms and melodies that inspire him.

Gryphon’s journey is a reflection of his curiosity, ambition, and dedication to personal and professional growth. As he continues to carve his path in the world of design and drafting, his eagerness to learn and adapt will undoubtedly propel him to even greater heights.