BCL Enterprise has been providing a range of technology and security design services to Ohio and surrounding states for 30 years.

Martin Crabill

Vice President of Sales

Marty is a seasoned veteran in the technology installation and design landscape, boasting an impressive career that spans over four decades. With a profound reservoir of knowledge and expertise, Marty has been instrumental in shaping the industry, specifically in the operation and installation of various hardware and cabling systems.

His extensive experience is a testament to his proficiency, encompassing a wide array of technological domains. From local area networks to premises distribution systems, security systems to audiovisual installations, and DAS cellular antenna systems, Marty has been at the forefront of ensuring seamless and efficient installations across diverse technology sectors.

Throughout his illustrious career, Marty’s contributions have consistently pushed the boundaries of technology installation and design. His wealth of experience and intricate understanding of these systems has made him a go-to authority in the field, and his work continues to be a benchmark for excellence. With over four decades of dedicated service, Marty remains a stalwart figure in the technology installation and design industry, with a legacy that is both respected and admired.